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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poem A Day Challenge... The end!

Day 29: prompt: title your poem "Never (blank)" with you filling in the blank with a word or phrase. Then, write a poem based off your title

Never Write Poetry on the Train

Never write poems on the train
Because people look over your shoulder
And paper falls out of your folder
Your handwriting looks like you were in pain
As the train shakes
Or hits the brakes
Thoughts are disrupted by chatter
Good ideas form, then shatter.
And just as you are about to be brilliant,
You have to stop and dig out your ticket.

Day 30 prompt: A farewell poem
Yes I cheated by using a haiku but I completed the challenge!!

Farewell Winter

Winter has left us.
So long, big winter jacket
And mountains of snow.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

PAD Day 27 & 28 - FINALLY!

Day 27 prompt: a poem of longing

To walk in the footsteps of those who came before.
To hear the voice above the whisper that comes from the turn of each page.
To feel that need to cross vast oceans
To see the faces that would all become mine
To know them
- Thus better know myself.

Day 28 prompt: A sestina - You pick 6 words, rotate them as the end words in 6 stanzas and then include 2 per of the words per line in your final stanza.
**the other option was to write a poem ABOUT a sestina. Since I was trying to squeeze them all in I wimped out on this one. Hope to tackle it someday soon...

Oh sestina, you break my heart
But not for you, I would be a part
Of the group that wrote a poem a day,
Or at least wrote 30 by the 1st of May.
I stared at the page until my eyes were dry.
If I wanted to, I could not cry.
But wait these words - they rhyme.
So I created a poem just in time!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PAD day 25 & 26

Day 25 prompt: an event

So much happened to give us this moment.
So much more will happen after.
But this is when I take your hand
And pledge my life is yours.
Though it was true long before
This day we chose to stand
Before our friends.
Sharing tears and laughter.

Day 26 prompt: a poem about miscommunication

The awful troll sat on the ledge,
That overlooks the ugly hedge.
I said I wanted a garden gnome.
And a tiny garden outside my home.
You were trying to help when you bought me this.
How could I tell you it was such a miss?
I guess you knew.
- Or you hated it too.
Because soon the troll was gone.
And the first gnome appeared on the lawn.
Then the bush went,
And flowers were sent.
If it ended there it would have been fine.
Since this is what I wanted, and now it was mine.
But the garden has grown,
Taken on a life of its own.
This alone might be pretty.
But I’ve also been taken over by a gnome city!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PAD - Days 23 & 24

Day 23: A poem about regret

Different choices
Different voices
I should have followed.
This is what I allowed
To happen to me,
Because I couldn’t see
It would lead to sadness.

Day 24: a poem about travel

I had arrived.
The place of my dreams.
It had waited for me
-To share its history.
It had always been a mystery.
Why this place called to me
From far across the sea
Have I been here before?
Though I’ve never left my own shore.

Friday, May 15, 2009

PAD Day 21 & 22

Day 21 prompt: haiku

Spring here – FINALLY!

Birds can sing, flowers can bloom

Frost is gone at last?

Prompt Day 22: Work related poem

It’s always something.

No it’s another.

Oh wait that to is wrong.

Driving me crazy, what would happen if I sing?

Would they call my mother?

Because my husband would just sing along.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PAD - Day 19 & 20

Day 19 prompt: write an angry poem

I took you in when you had nothing
To give you your chance to shine
Yet now you are still covered in dust
Waiting for someone to bathe you in light
The more I help – the more you want
Still not glowing yourself
So here it must end
With more tears to be shed
As I break my heart
- to save yours

Day 20 prompt: write a poem about rebirth

Flowers blossom and birds sing,
This reminds me of so many things.
- Memories of longer days
Hearing what nature has to say.
The cold death of winter is no more.
I watch the world return to life
The greenest grass comforts the soul that is sore
And the warmth of the sun erases strife

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poem A Day - Day 17 & 18

Day 17 Prompt: finish the phrase "All I want is ____"

All I want is time
- To knit one more stitch
- To shed one more tear
- To watch one more pitch
- One more giggle with fear
We put off ‘til tomorrow
What we want to do now
Thinking those things less important
Then we are filled with sorrow
As we approach our final bow
So many dreams not followed

Day 18 Prompt: poem with an interaction of some sort

“Hello,” said the voice.
At first it was slow and only a whisper.
Then it grew louder,
And also much quicker
“We thought we could wait,
But we were wrong.
The evil magic has grown very strong.”
He was dressed as a dragon but really a wizard.
They thought he’d be more persuasive this way.
They must’ve been right,
Because I agreed to fight
And help save the day.
It helped when he told me I was born to this magic.
Then I remembered he was right and the loss had been tragic.
The knowledge had been buried deep in my mind.
For a lifetime or more I waited for a sign,
And now could reclaim what had been mine.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Poem A Day 15 & 16

Day 15 prompt: Take a favorite poem, alter the title and write a poem using your new title

Where Does the Sidewalk End?
I was told to go this way ‘til I could go no more.
But now I’ve been walking since many years before.
Who knew that concrete covered so much of this earth?
I’ve missed my children and grandchildren’s birth!
My knees and my back are starting to bend.
Where, oh where does this sidewalk end?

Day 16 prompt: color

Blue is blue and
Green is green
But what the heck does that mean?
Black is dark
Yet absence of color
Purple the mark
Of royalty and peace
An interesting pairing
- To say the least.
Silver and gold sparkle and shine
The beautiful necklace that’s only mine
Red can be anger or sacrifice
Color is you and what you have seen.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

pad 13 & 14

Day 13 prompt: a hobby

I want to tell the stories of those who came before,
All the people who make me who I am.
Pictures and papers with so much in store,
Waiting for me to open the dam.
Taking what I know of dates and places
- Bringing them to life and giving them faces.
Those who didn’t have voices before
Now whisper to me,
Making me want to search more.

Day 14 prompt: love poem

Through the mist I see your face.
It guides me to peace
- Away from this place.
You touch me across great divides.
I reach back and know
There is nothing to hide.
We fit together so well
- Like missing pieces.
The shining moon
The glowing sun
Taking turns
As we have
In lifetimes before.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PAD day 11 & 12

Day ll prompt: an object

The notebook is small and wire bound.
When I open it there’s a weird sound.
Its cover is a peaceful green,
With letters P, A and D
And the numbers 2009.
Most know nothing of what it means
And that’s just fine with me,
Since the poems are only mine.
Not the best of my work,
So if someone read them I’d feel like a jerk.

Day 12 prompt So we decided to (blank)

So we decided to invite other classes

Two decades ago we crossed the stage.
And our lives began a whole new page.
We slowly lost touch and went our own ways.
Then some of us began to wonder
How old friends now spend there days.
Time to plan a reunion for friends far and wide,
But then we remembered what happened last time.
Our class was small,
We could never fill a hall.
And we had friends who came before and after, all
Who we wanted to see.
That’s how the idea came to be.

Prompts at

Friday, April 17, 2009

PAD day 10

Prompt: Friday

Yes I realize the irony that I posted this on Friday. But it was a different Friday! :-)

I didn’t write this on Friday since I ran out of time.
The amount of work I had should be considered a crime.
Word was out that Wednesday was tax day,
There wasn’t much time to play.
Being busy did make time fly,
Though I still counted minutes until 5 o’clock came.
I put on my coat and was out the door
With a silent wish that Monday wouldn’t be the same.

Prompts from

Thursday, April 16, 2009

PAD Day 8 & 9

Prompts: A routine Day 8 and a memory Day 9

The best routine is the lack of one.
Yet every morning it reappears.
One foot out of bed then the other,
One sock on then another.
In the bathroom I wash my face,
Everything I need is in its place.
My breakfast comes with me on the go.
Here comes the train, no surprise it’s moving slow.

Maybe it’s a sign
The strongest memory I have
Is the arrival
Of a child that isn’t mine.
I was the first to see the little fingers and tiny toes.
It was then I realized I wanted one of those.
There were four in the room,
Then suddenly five.

Visit the blog at for some great poetry

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poem A Day - days 5 & 7

Cliffs of Moher

Peering over the edge of the world,
The swirling water below
I feel smaller than a pebble
My troubles a grain of sand.
Majestically the cliffs have stood for centuries
As the tide has ebbed and flowed.
Even at the calmest moments,
As the sun brightly shines
The wind whirls around them causing visitors to shiver
Giving an understanding of how they formed.

Prompt: Landmark,guid,19d56087-4047-4589-b39b-995e90466679.aspx

The prompt for Day 7 was clean or dirty (pick one) I chose both since mine were kind of lame

Cheerful and sparkling
Like new fallen snow,
Except when you have a dog, but that’s another poem.
All the scrubbing
Nicely pays off.

Disgusting and
Icky are used to describe things that
Really need a good scrubbing.
Trust me the cost of soap is worth it, since
You don’t want someone looking at your things and saying Yucky!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poem A Day - Days 3 & 4

Day 3
Prompt: The problem with (blank)

The Problem With Dragons
The villagers cowered with fright,
As the dragon flew over head – its breath aflame.
Each night the villagers looked to each other –
They wondered who was to blame.
For it was known that dragons only torment the truly evil
Or ones who call them for sinister gain.
Then one day it simply didn’t return.
Was an ignorance of dragons something someone could feign?
Or was it mere coincidence that brought this cruel fate?
The villagers ever after remained suspicious.
So perhaps the dragon succeeded in being there undoing?

Day 4 Prompt: Animal

Each night the dragon flew over the village,
Only to find every window and door shuttered.
“It’s always the same” the poor creature thought.
He just wanted a friend perhaps someone to love
Instead he was viewed as a menace above.
He was only searching for someone who knew
The true nature of dragons and why they flew.
In time he realized this village was wrong.
To another place he moved before long.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poem a Day - Day 2

Todays prompt: Outsider

I am but a shadow of who I was,
Retracing the footsteps of all my yesterdays.
I speak to loved ones.
They do not hear
I reach for them.
They do not see.
I give the love I held back a moment to long.
They do not feel.
There was always tomorrow,
And then it was gone.,guid,06f8d399-1961-42e0-8e87-02e2ccf05e5d.aspx

April Fool?

April is National Poetry month! Once again Robert at Poetic Asides is hosting the Poem a Day challenge. After making it about half way last year, I've decided to publicly comit to getting all the way through this year! So let's begin with the Day 1 theme - Origins,guid,b18860be-3ebe-4e64-a847-39f454bc420e.aspx

My Emerald Isle

Standing at the shore
Looking through the mist of time,
I realize that this is where I began.
Though I’ve never been here,
This is where I’m home.
The ancestral voices whisper to me,

Giving me strength to move forward.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not gonna do it.

So I STILL can't seem to escape stories about that woman (I won't mention her name and give her MORE attention) and her 8 babies. I thought about venting here about the media circus this has become and how this is giving this woman exactly what she set out to get. But then I realized that this would be doing exactly what I am complaining about. So no octo-whatever commentary here. Instead I'll retreat to my happy place and start posting my journal of my Ireland trip at

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Quest excerpt

Chapter 1

The wizard often told the story of the magic sword to the children, it was their favorite. He enjoyed watching the children's' wide-eyed gazes as he told of the oracles and the tale of the dragon. It pleased him to see the avid interest in the eyes of Kiera, the kings' niece. He had been told the next would soon be coming, but that had been before Richard, the kings' son, had been born. Yet the wise one knew that Richard was not the one. Yes, Richard was wise in his own ways, but magic was not one of his strengths. Of course, convincing the people that their little Kiera was a wise and powerful wizard of great destiny might prove to be difficult. Then again, if Kiera were as gifted as he felt she was, perhaps it would not be that difficult after all. Her comprehension of the great oracles at the young age of five years gave him confidence that Kiera was who he had been waiting for.

Each time he told the story it started the same: "They were times of peace and of oneness. They were the days of legends. There were three brothers sworn to protect the lands of this great continent. Each was given a magic sword with which to protect their given kingdom.

"Each of the three returned to their kingdoms and ruled without much trouble or worry for years. However, as time went by with little direct communication between brothers, mistrust began to grow deep in the hearts of these men. Each slowly began to build what became great armies, this out of fear that one; or both of the other brothers would attack his kingdom. The great separation began.

"The facts leading up to it have been lost over these many years, but eventually there was a great war. The three brothers fought against each other as enemies for a long time. The three kingdoms were nearly destroyed when the great ones finally interfered. The great ones were sorrowful that these brothers were so full of mistrust, they knew now that none were wise enough to properly lead their people. To punish them for their wrongs the Great Ones banished the brothers for all time, to a great plane of existence between life and death where anything can exist. These three great kingdoms were combined and the great ones chose a young boy to oversee their lands. This boy is believed to be the son of one of the brothers, though it is uncertain which brother was his father. It was agreed that this boy would become a student of the magic of the Great Ones.

"The Great Ones agreed that until a proper ruler could be found the boy would stay a child and rule through the innocence of childhood.

"Many years later, when a new leader could be found, the great ones decided that instead of entrusting all knowledge to this new leader, he would be called king and the boy would be named wizard, to oversee all matters of the great ones. The boy was given one of the swords to show his mastery of magic, and that he was in great favor with the Great Ones. Finally, after so many years as a child the boy began to grow to adulthood." Valyn stopped at this point, already knowing who would break the silence and with what words.

As expected, young Kiera anxiously asked, "what happened to the other swords?"

"That, child, is the most important part of the legend. The first sword was destroyed, the second was hidden away for another great wizard to find, one who may need to prove their mastery; to themselves as well as others."

It was young Charles who interjected this time, "has anyone ever found it?"

"No, it still remains hidden for the one gifted enough not only in magic, but patience, with a great love of humanity, and selflessness. Anyone not pure of heart will not be permitted to enter even its hiding place. Only one person is truly meant to possess that sword, only after it is taken will we know who that person is.

"The test of magic is the dragon who watches over the hiding place, there are those who believe that the dragon is actually the youngest of the brothers, but no one knows for certain. All we are left with are the vague clues in this book."

Kiera approached Valyn and the book he now held in his hands. He placed it on the table next to him. Kiera ran her small fingers along the edges of the book. Always questioning, Kiera looked up at Valyn, "How is it you have the book?" Valyn gently placed his arm around the young girl, she was an observant one, but this was not yet the time to give her answers. He smiled down at the child, "That is another legend, for another time." Kiera was by no means happy with that answer, but something told her the wizard was right, she would know when she needed to know. The young Prince Richard stood protectively near his cousin. "I would someday like to find this sword, Kiera you will go with me."

Kiera spoke only in a whisper, "perhaps I will go myself."

"But you are a girl Kiera, remember."

"Really!!??" she said tapping her little foot. "I do not care, I like magic," she looked up at Valyn, "that is all right?" The way the child asked the question was as if her entire life depended on his confirmation.

In that moment, in that question, so much was revealed to Valyn - the cycle, finally, was beginning again. Valyn put his arm around the small child, "of course it is, my child. You must always remember that."

There was a knock at the door and one of the maidservants entered and quickly curtsied. "Sorry to interrupt sir." It was obvious that something was wrong. "His majesty has said the children of Perog must prepare to depart." She whispered the rest to Valyn, "Krinylian soldiers were spotted outside the border. His majesty and the Prince are heading out with a small army. King Bartholomew is also going."

Valyn nodded, "may the Great Ones be with them on their journey and during their struggle." The children were quietly escorted back to the dining hall.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Say It Ain't So Joe

I’ve worked in sports radio, known professional athletes and practically grew up in a major league ball park but I guess I have to come clean. I don’t get major league baseball. I don’t mean the game itself. The game I get just fine. I can translate a box score into English with the best of them (I actually had to once for a grade in college – but that’s another story.) I mean Major League Baseball as an entity.

Controversy has hit the big leagues. I’m not going to bother with a list of names here (mostly because the entire list is STILL not available and those who have been named can be found in news stories all over the internet.) But there’s an impressive list of baseball players that have tested positive for steroid use. Steroids have been a banned substance in MLB since 1991.

We have a report that shows positive tests for steroids of 86 current and retired players. A few of those names have come out in the press and I can’t help but think that when and if the rest of the names come out, we’ll be looking at a list that will look familiar to anyone who has seen a list of recent MLB record holders. How can these records even be considered if they were set by someone who for all intents and purposes cheated to get there?

Supposedly, MLB is so against rule breaking it has a “permanently ineligible” list. Anyone who violates or tarnishes the integrity of the game gets added to the list. Joe Jackson (of the World Series winning 1917 and the infamous 1919 White Sox) has the stats that would have put him in the hall of fame long ago if not for his being on the ineligible list. Jackson was acquitted of aiding in the fix of the 1919 Series in a court of law in 1921, yet he still remains on the list.

The guys we know used a banned substance that directly affected their performance, most of which are lying about using it, are or will be eligible for the Hall of Fame. They guy who was found innocent of any wrong doing 88 years ago is not. What’s wrong with this picture?


You can call this blog my vanity project I guess. Simply put, I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head, so I guess you could call it a diary (granted it’s a publicly accessible one.) So what am I blogging about? Well that depends on my mood, the news, the phase of the moon, the time of year, or anything else that influences me.
I’m hoping that at least a few people will read this blog and it can start a dialogue. I’m not looking for people who necessarily agree with me, but people willing to look at things on both sides of the coin. And if you can’t look at something from all angles you should at least be willing to accept that not everyone agrees. Debate is fine, not to mention healthy, arguing isn’t.