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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oops, I found What I Wasn't Looking For

Genealogy research is full of  hints that seemingly lead nowhere and searches that give no results. When you find that special nugget of new information it's worthy of celebration. So when you find something by accident I think it deserves extra celebration. I logged onto Ancestry the other day to look up a birth date since I wasn't at home to have access to my full database. I happen to glance at the Member Connect Activity list and saw a name I didn't recognize had added a census record for one of my great grandfathers siblings. Out of curiosity I clicked on the "View in tree" link. And to my delight, the above picture appeared! The baby on his mother's lap is my great grandfather. I have seen pictures of him as a young man and pictures of his father much older than here. This picture was taken in mid 1892 and may be one of the oldest pictures I have of my family (so far.) Not a bad little accidental find in my opinion!

Since I Missed Talk Like a Pirate Day...

Apparently vacations, even ones at home (or maybe especially) are bad for blogging. I missed all sorts of fun September holidays including my own birthday! (Not to mention the birthdays of a number of friends - sorry.) So I've decided to add some information about today, September 21. It's the International Day of Peace The Hobbit was published on this date in 1937. I'll let you decide how to celebrate. It's also World Gratitude Day so think about what you are grateful for and maybe say thank you.
Chuck Jones was born on this date in 1912! So go watch some Warner Brothers cartoons.  Happy Birthday Stephen King!

Happy Holidays!