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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Goodies - June 3013

My Goodies ($7 a month) box seems to be transitioning from samples to fewer bigger sizes. It's still a good value and as long as they avoid to much coconut I'm ok with that.

These Lay's chips are very Pringles like.They weren't bad but nothing special.

I wasn't sure what to expect from gimMe roasted seaweed but this was good. I tasted it on it's own and it has a nice flavor.One suggestion on the package was to serve it on rice. I think it would add a really nice flavor to jasmine or brown rice.

The Pringles Stix had a nice cheese flavor. They certainly don't taste like Pringles chips but they are good.

Duchy Originals butter shortbread cookies - These were delicious! I've had plenty of shortbread cookies and these are easily one of the best. It also held up well to the tea I drank with it.

Smooch mango, pineapple & banana fruit snack is a 100% natural version of the fruit "sauce" pouch. These are great on the go snacks

These Dream Water bottles seem to be popping up in all sorts of subscription boxes. I've tried them before and the flavor is ok. I'm not sure I've slept any better or worse after drinking it.
Not the best variety this month but the selections that haven't already been eaten will be gone soon! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Conscious Box - June 2013

Conscious Box has been a great way for me to discover new eco-friendly and organic items. June did not disappoint. 

The thank you not is printed on paper made from bamboo in a wind powered facility. How cool is that?! And it's always good to have a nice thank you card on hand. I've had the Natural Calm mix in boxes before. I've been taking a magnesium supplement as of late and just ran out so this will buy me a day. And it also has calcium which I'm supposed to be taking.The Joint Mud from Greek Island labs has quite a list of ingredients but they look like mostly essential oils (I haven't read the list closely yet.) This will come in handy soon I'm sure. All this humidity is bound to wake up some knee pain. They do tell you to immediately wash your hands or wear latex gloves when using it, which makes me a little nervous...

I'm already familiar with Earth Friendly Products but always welcome one of their samples. This lemon grass hand soap is no exception. It has a nice light lemon scent and doesn't dry out my hands. I had hope for the Sneakz Organic Yummy Veggie Nutrition Milkshake. Any way I can sneak a veggie into my daughters diet is one I'll try. The problem is she's not a fan of chocolate milk. I tried it and it was pretty good. It did have a slight veggie taste to it so I'm not sure it would fool anyone.

Organic Flavrz Superfruit Sport All Natural Liquid Drink Mix Revive and Boost - These mix into a water bottle and have a nice fruity flavor. These are not nearly as sweet as most energy drinks.

 LARABAR Alt Peanut Butter Cookie Fruit and Nut Bar - I'm always up for trying a new energy bar and especially one with peanut butter. I gave the Buddy Wash to my mother in law for their mini schnauzer who loves to investigate the back yard especially when it's wet. I'm sure it will get used soon! Son for Men is an aftershave skin soother. It's organic and vegan!

 More snack bars! These Skout bars are almost the perfect calorie count for a mid morning snack. And cherry vanilla and apple cinnamon are great flavor choices for me.

This is the Molly Muriel soap. It's an exfoliant with a great bunch of oils and charcoal. On the opposite side is a shampoo bar made with murumuru butter, coconut, jojoba, and sweet almond. They are all made in small batches.
 Conscious Box always includes a post card in the box. I just particularly liked this one.

Conscious box had another hit for me with this box. There were some repeats but most were new fun things to try. Worth the $19.95.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seasons Box - June 2013

Seasons Box has made some changes recently that some people aren't very happy with. I'm still happy with what I get but I got in on an introductory offer so my "per box" cost is lower. I really enjoyed the June box.

I'll start with my favorite item. This Tagua Nut Bracelet is a great summer bracelet. I was surprised to find it was made from nut halves. It doesn't feel that way at all. Apparently it's my daughter's favorite also because it has gone into hiding. Fortunately I got this one picture before that happened. I only see ways to order whole sale so no link.

 The Moksa Amazon Lemon Bar smells amazing! I haven't had a chance to use it because I have a back log of soaps right now. But no complaints, I love these fancy soaps.
Rishi Tropical Crimson Tea Can you evver have to much tea? Especially herbal ice tea in the summer? I say no! These each make a pitcher of tea.
Organic pineapple and coconut candle. This candle smells amazing. That's saying a lot since I have no love for coconut. I haven't burned it yet but I've heard there's not much scent thrown off. I'll try to update after I try it out.

Seasons box is still one of my favorite boxes (except for those couple months where they included make up items.) I hope that the company changes are finished and the boxes keep up with more like this one!

Stunner of the Month - June 2013

Month two of my Stunner of the Month deal! Just in time because I managed to snap the arm off my last pair. No fault of the sunglasses. I managed to squish them in my purse. Par for the course for me, and the main reason I don't buy expensive sunglasses. Normal price is $9 a month and you can choose from male, female or unisex. I chose unisex for my three month deal I got from... Living Social? Groupon? One of those deal sites anyway.

These are called "Guido." Doesn't sound very unisex to me :-)

But I think they look pretty good!

I'm not sure I'll continue the subscription after next month because I got some sunglasses from other boxes recently but once I lose/break all of those I know where to come back to for decent low cost shades!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Birchbox - June 2013

Birchbox is $10 a month and is mostly deluxe sample sizes. If you use my link I get referral credit. The June box was definitely more on the sample size side.

The packets are from Davines 3-step system. The pink is conditioner the other is the a leave in oil. They are both decent products but these foil packets are never enough to really sample.

The shampoo from the Davines was also included but this was in a truly deluxe size sample. I found this odd since the others were the above foil packets. I'd love to be able to give this  "3 step system" a real try as the one time they felt pretty good.
Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser has a nice citrus scent and a great feel. While the sample size was small, you use such a small amount that I got a few uses out of it. I'd love to get more of this!
Oscar de la Renta's Something Blue has a nice scent. While it is floral it's not overly so. I won't need to buy perfume for quite some time thanks to Birchbox!

I have more nail polish than I could ever where but this was a nice neutral color. This one is from Color Club's Wanderlust collection. I got the Mod in Manhattan color which is kind of an off white. These polishes always have nice coverage.
This Birchbox wasn't very impressive to me. It was almost all sample size items. If this keeps up I might have to find a replacement.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PopSugar Must Have - June 2013

PopSugar is still one of my favorite boxes. It's also the most expensive one I get so I guess that works out! June's box was a pretty good fit for me.

Popcorn, Indiana fit popcorn - As you can probably see, I got the onion dijon flavor. I really like the flavor of this. unfortunately each time I've eaten a handful I've managed to get a piece stuck in my tooth. But I guess that's the popcorn risk :-) Great snack for a salty fix.
Project Quench The Thirsty Wintergreen Mints -These are from Project 7 and they benefit an organization dedicated to getting clean water to places around the world. And they taste pretty good!

Revenge Wears Prada - I didn't read Devil Wears Prada but I enjoyed the movie. This will go in to my To Be Read pile.

Addicted to Sweat - it's a chair workout DVD so I'm curious. But I haven't had the chance to check it out. I guess it's a favorite of Madonna.

Juice Beauty Stem Cell Repair Moisturizer - fruit stem cells to reduce fine lines. It actually smells citrusy! And it feels great going on. They also slipped in a bounus CC cream sample in two shades.

Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf - I'm hesitant to call this a scarf. It's big enough to be a wrap or a beach cover up. And it's not to heavy for that use. I keep wanting to be a scarf person but if that doesn't work out I can still use this.
PopSugar Must Have box is one of my splurges and this month was well worth it!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goodies - May 2013

This is my second Goodies box. I got a deal on the first one and it was pretty good so I thought I'd give it another chance. If they are all like this I'll be keeping this box!

Sortz Sour power Straws - one pack was a mixed flavor and the other all strawberry. I really like the tart/sweet flavor of these. The tart flavor isn't so much that your mouth puckers but it's definitely there. I think I prefer the mixed pack.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this Chipotle sauce. I tasted this with some tortilla chips I had in the house. This is delicious! It doesn't have a heavy fruity flavor so don't let that put you off.

I love pumpkin seeds so I was excited to try these. They did not disappoint. The sea salt adds a nice flavor without being to salty.
Numi Moroccan Mint tea. I've had Numi teas before and have always enjoyed them. I feel you can never have to much tea so this was a nice addition. And a coupon as well!
These chips are bean instead of corn based. I had given up trying to find a tortilla chip without corn. And so these were a welcome inclusion. And they were delicious. These were very like Dorritos. They also make a plain salted version, which I can't wait to try.
Any time I get one of these free coupons for Wholly Guacamole I'm happy! The only thing better than this is homemade.
At $7 this box was a great value. The guacamole alone is almost 4 dollars. I highly recommend this box if you want a mix of new snacks and old favorites.