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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birchbox - September Review

Birchbox was my first subscription find. Some criticize this one for many sample size items. At a cost of $10 and some full size items it's well worth the price. Plus you can review the items on the web site to gain points which can be redeemed for purchase of full size items. I love the skin care items I've received over the last few months since I started this subscription. So what's in the box?
I admit this one looked a little disappointing at first but let's take a closer look.
 I have really liked other products from the Boscia brand and this one does not disappoint. It has a great feel to it and doesn't dry out my already dry skin. Definitely use with a sponge if you don't have a separate exfoliation.
 These are make up brush covers. They are well made but I don't wear much make up so I don't have all the fancy brushed that go with that. So I"m not sure what I'll use these for. Any suggestions?
 I am now in love with BB! This is the second brand that I've tried. This one goes on with a nice sheer finish. I always worry about tinted stuff because I'm so fair skinned (READ: PALE) but it blends really nicely and evens out my skin tone quite a bit.
 These Twistband hair ties are popping up everywhere! I'm glad I didn't buy one yet because after I got this one I got 3 more in another subscription box. It's a good hair tie. I have a lot of hair and it holds it pretty well. The only problem I had with it is that after a few hours it started to slide down my hair. I have this problem a lot and have started buying the no slip grip ties. On the positive side, when I pulled it out it didn't take any of my hair with it. Yeah!
 I don't polish my nails often but this is a pretty enough color that I might start. It went on really well and looked pretty good even before I added the second coat. Not a bad quality when you might have to stop mid polish to chase a toddler!

The only negative is that I wish there were more of these in the box. Great scent and nice feel. They are not cleanser but meant to be used as a sort of pick me up through out the day. I don't know how that would go over if you wear make up but as I often don't I loved the feel.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freebie Friday (on Wednesday!)

I didn't want to wait until Friday to post this since it's going fast. Corner Bakery is offering a chance at a free Bacon, Tomato, Mac & 3 cheese but you have to select a date and time. The earliest date I've seen is this Friday (Oct. 19) and the latest is next Thursday (Oct. 25) Corner Bakery RSVP You'll get an email that you will need to print out and bring with you on the time and date you choose. For Chicago locations, you'll have better luck if you don't mind eating a late lunch (or maybe it's a snack) or you're downtown in the evening. Not sure about suburban locations.

Update: I actually really enjoyed this! It's a welcome (albeit higher calorie) addition to the Corner Bakery menu. Just the right amount of bacon and tomato. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sprig - September review

 I decided to try the Sprig box in "mini snacker" September. The only regret I have is that I want this one every month now! What a wonderful mix of healthier snacks.

Unfortunately it's a little out of my price range right now. They are officially at the top of my wish list and I am watching for any deals to get another one. So what did I get? A majority of the products were single serving size, which was perfect for me to take to work as a between meal snack.
I tried these first because I had seen them in a store and was curious. Wow! These YogaVive apple chips were delicious. It was like eating little apple slices. I almost forgot they were dried.
These Shagbark Seed and Mill Tortilla chips were excellent. I didn't have that oily residue on my hands after eating them that you get from some chips. They went well with my favorite Trader Joe's salsa.
Disclaimer: I do not like coconut. Long story, but I don't like the flavor or the texture. That said, I thought I would pass on this bar. But I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. The Rise Blueberry Coconut bar surprised me. Unlike many coconut flavored things in my past, this was not a heavy coconut flavor. I actually liked this. I'm anxious to try one in a flavor I would choose for myself.
A cookie that has some redeeming qualities? I'm in! This really did taste like a cookie. So much so that after letting my 2 year old try it I had to hide the rest :-)
I'm not sure what I expected from these before I tried them but I was surprised. The flavor was delicious. The texture wasn't quite a cracker but definitely not a chip. We had to ration these at my house. Fortunately this was the one package that was larger than single serving. I don't see how to order more at their web site but I'll keep checking!
I'd love to tell you how much I enjoyed this but I only got a bite and the rest was snatched and promptly eaten by 2 year old miss picky pants. A shame there was only one small fruit strip. I guess that's a ringing endorsement. I tasted apples but no sweet potatoes.
This may have been my least favorite. Given the name Bumble Bar, I guess I expected more of a honey flavor. And of course the lemon that is on the label. While these flavors were there they were overwhelmed by the sesame seeds flavor and texture. I enjoyed it but it's not my first choice.
This is the only one I didn't get to try yet. It's still at home so I'll update when I do. I'm intrigued by the sites ( promise that it's never cooked or baked. I've tried some raw foods in the past and have been very happy with them.

As for Sprig, as I said, I would recommend it for anyone looking for some healthier snack options. This was the mini-snacker size but there are 2 other (larger) sizes available at their web site.