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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy NaNoWriMo! Or happy November!

Yes I'm going to dedicate November to writing. Will I write a novel? Nope. Not putting that kind of pressure on myself. Besides I have an official partner in my 30 day challenge journey. And it's not fair to expect 50,000 words from an 8 year old. Maybe next year. I have a series of writing prompts for the girl and I may use them too. Our goal is to write something, anything, every day this month! Alas we are not off to a good start, as November 1 comes to a close with me only writing this blog post. Wait, how many words are here? Hmm... maybe this should count.

As an added bonus, I am also going to try the 30 day lemon water challenge. Lemon water is the new cure all. It's pretty harmless (except to teeth enamel) so let's give it a try! Who's with me? And no, I'm not making or letting the girl drink lemon water. That's why this is a "bonus challenge."

Feel free to email me any comments or future suggestions. Or to let me know if you are playing along!

30 Days of Meditation Check in #4

30 days of meditation is in the books! I've found a new app called Calm that I'm going to give a try. I guess that tells you that I will try to continue the meditation habit. When the girl says "Mommy, this helps me go to sleep fast," you keep at it. This is a kid who never wants to go to sleep. So meditation is my new best friend. I'm not sure I'm sleeping much better but I continue to fall asleep faster than I have in a few years. So the official rundown...

Will I continue? Yes, I'd like to think every day but likely not. Most days, though.

Do I recommend it? YES. I think everyone could use 5-10 minutes to just chill out. Some say meditation in the morning is helpful. I think that would just put me to sleep. But to each their own. If you aren't sure what type of meditation is for you, check out Their 30 day challenge is nicely varied. Calm mentioned above is an app I've played with a bit. They have bed time stories! There are a number of 30 day challenges or even 7 day challenges that turn up in an internet search. Go forth and be stress free!

30 Days of Meditation Check in #3

3 weeks down! Started the week by joining in the work meditation. Work and meditation still feels like a conflict. My mind definitely wanders a little more during these sessions than at home.
Still following along at She's mixed things up with a little movement. I admit I don't always do the movement portions but the meditation is nice either way. It's nice to focus on different things each day.
Am I sleeping better? Maybe a little. It does seem to take me less time to fall asleep, which is a good thing. I do feel a bit more relaxed, so maybe I'm on to something here!

Monday, October 29, 2018

30 days of Meditation Check in #2

Week 2 seemed to focus on reducing anxiety and calming the mind. Seems like a good idea to me. During meditation my brain is often shouting at me about all the things I should be doing.
Is this working? I'm not sleeping any better at this point but the girl is. So, maybe. I will keep it up at least through the end of the month I think. It is nice to share a quiet few minutes with the girl not looking for shoes or trying to get out the door. And she looks forward to these sessions even though she still falls asleep about half the time.

Is my mind quieting down? A little. I did find myself wondering how much time was left on at lease 2 days. But it does seem like my thoughts wander a bit less. I did fall asleep once this week. Oops. Am I thinking more positively? I don't think so. It's been a frustrating time so perhaps I'm just so distracted by all of that for this to "sink in"

I still highly recommend She builds a little on previous meditation but not so much that you can't jump in on a topic of interest.

See you after week 3!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

30 Days of Meditation check in #1

For my first challenge I was inspired by a few things. They started a meditation group at work. Meets on Mondays and is only about five minutes. I can handle that! Oh wait the rest of the week... I found this handy web site! . The best part is it's free. Well the meditation challenge is, I haven't explored the rest yet.

So I was off to a great start and then completely forgot on day 2! Oops. But the point of this challenge is to just keep going! A fresh start and a new partner on October 3rd. The girl has declared that she will be joining me on my 30 day challenges. Or at least this one.

Day 4, I lost my partner to the sandman. But I did it! Four days in a row. Yay!

Finding a web site that is starting me on the path to regular meditation has been helpful. The very first day was a simple getting started in meditation and was only 5 minutes. While I have done meditation in the past, it was a long time ago (we won't talk about how long...). Other days in the first week covered reducing stress, calming the mind and being mindful. Small confession. I fell asleep during the mindful meditation exercise on day 6. Oops. I was just being... asleep. 😊

So is it working? I think this is definitely one that has potential. But after week 1, I think it's to soon to tell.
Will I keep going? Yes! A nightly check in with myself certainly can't hurt. And it's only been a week. After my "false start" I was able to string 7 days in a row.

Monday, October 8, 2018

30 Days of What?!

Do 30 day challenges work? Does it depend on the type of 30 day challenge? Why am I even wondering this? I certainly don’t have too much time on my hands. Or maybe that’s why. Wouldn’t it be great if we could learn a new skill or improve our lives in only 30 days? Of course it would. But we don’t know if we don’t try… So let’s do it!


The structure on this is fluid because I’m hoping the challenges will be varied. A string of 30 day challenges doesn’t sound like fun to read about or do! But there will be at least one of those in the coming months. I’m also open to suggestions. Do you have a 30 day challenge that seems like it might be fun? Send me an email or comment below. Do you want to play along? Awesome post away!


Basic rules… I won’t post every day but I will keep track of what I have done (or not done) and report in at least once, hopefully twice a week. I do need to continue to work during these projects so they won’t be largely time consuming activities. If you make a suggestion, it just needs to be realistic. I will not eat bugs for 30 days and I can’t do astronaut training (kind of a bummer).


Up first… 30 days of meditation!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Project 365 Week 12

March 19 - March 25, 2018 Week 12

St. Patrick's Day to Easter eggs! That's quite a week!