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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Ireland Box - March 2014

***After this review went live I was notified by My Ireland Box customer service that I, in fact, received the regular My Ireland Box in error. So this review is actually for the Standard My Ireland Box NOT the Mini. Stay tuned for April for that! 

I'm way behind in posting reviews but I wanted to get this one up because it was not easy for me to find a review of the Mini version of the My Ireland Box when  was considering it. I love the idea of My Ireland Box but at 41.70 a month it's a little out of my price range. Then they introduced the Mini! At 24.32 plus shipping it's a bit more affordable. Ireland has a special place in my heart, even though I've only been once (so far.) Until I get back this will do nicely.
 I have to say that their shipping was excellent. I had a package ship the infamous SmartPost the same day from the east coast and this box got here the same day, and it went through customs!
So on to the box...

The box includes a card that has background info on each of the artists and their items in the box.

The first item  was this cute tote bag. As the mother of a not quite 4 year old, I can always use another bag. And this one is just too cute. Not to mention soft!

Ok how cute is this guy? And he has 3 friends with him in his box. Napkin rings that are made from Irish felt. I was skeptical about how well felt napkin rings would hold up until I took this out of the box. They are easily twice as thick as I imagined. These will last for a while. And they store flat. Definitely a bonus.

I love this magnet! It's a perfect little reminder of some of the many small towns I visited when I was there.

Barry's Tea, the taste of home. No I'm not from Ireland, but I've never felt more at home than when I was there. I enjoy tea frequently so maybe that's why I felt at home. Even the pubs think nothing of you asking for tea, and more often than not it was Barry's.

A great first box! I'm already counting the days until my next one comes. Do you love Ireland or know someone who does? This is your box.