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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seasons Box - June 2013

Seasons Box has made some changes recently that some people aren't very happy with. I'm still happy with what I get but I got in on an introductory offer so my "per box" cost is lower. I really enjoyed the June box.

I'll start with my favorite item. This Tagua Nut Bracelet is a great summer bracelet. I was surprised to find it was made from nut halves. It doesn't feel that way at all. Apparently it's my daughter's favorite also because it has gone into hiding. Fortunately I got this one picture before that happened. I only see ways to order whole sale so no link.

 The Moksa Amazon Lemon Bar smells amazing! I haven't had a chance to use it because I have a back log of soaps right now. But no complaints, I love these fancy soaps.
Rishi Tropical Crimson Tea Can you evver have to much tea? Especially herbal ice tea in the summer? I say no! These each make a pitcher of tea.
Organic pineapple and coconut candle. This candle smells amazing. That's saying a lot since I have no love for coconut. I haven't burned it yet but I've heard there's not much scent thrown off. I'll try to update after I try it out.

Seasons box is still one of my favorite boxes (except for those couple months where they included make up items.) I hope that the company changes are finished and the boxes keep up with more like this one!

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