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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stunner of the Month - June 2013

Month two of my Stunner of the Month deal! Just in time because I managed to snap the arm off my last pair. No fault of the sunglasses. I managed to squish them in my purse. Par for the course for me, and the main reason I don't buy expensive sunglasses. Normal price is $9 a month and you can choose from male, female or unisex. I chose unisex for my three month deal I got from... Living Social? Groupon? One of those deal sites anyway.

These are called "Guido." Doesn't sound very unisex to me :-)

But I think they look pretty good!

I'm not sure I'll continue the subscription after next month because I got some sunglasses from other boxes recently but once I lose/break all of those I know where to come back to for decent low cost shades!

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