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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PAD day 25 & 26

Day 25 prompt: an event

So much happened to give us this moment.
So much more will happen after.
But this is when I take your hand
And pledge my life is yours.
Though it was true long before
This day we chose to stand
Before our friends.
Sharing tears and laughter.

Day 26 prompt: a poem about miscommunication

The awful troll sat on the ledge,
That overlooks the ugly hedge.
I said I wanted a garden gnome.
And a tiny garden outside my home.
You were trying to help when you bought me this.
How could I tell you it was such a miss?
I guess you knew.
- Or you hated it too.
Because soon the troll was gone.
And the first gnome appeared on the lawn.
Then the bush went,
And flowers were sent.
If it ended there it would have been fine.
Since this is what I wanted, and now it was mine.
But the garden has grown,
Taken on a life of its own.
This alone might be pretty.
But I’ve also been taken over by a gnome city!

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