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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poem A Day - Day 17 & 18

Day 17 Prompt: finish the phrase "All I want is ____"

All I want is time
- To knit one more stitch
- To shed one more tear
- To watch one more pitch
- One more giggle with fear
We put off ‘til tomorrow
What we want to do now
Thinking those things less important
Then we are filled with sorrow
As we approach our final bow
So many dreams not followed

Day 18 Prompt: poem with an interaction of some sort

“Hello,” said the voice.
At first it was slow and only a whisper.
Then it grew louder,
And also much quicker
“We thought we could wait,
But we were wrong.
The evil magic has grown very strong.”
He was dressed as a dragon but really a wizard.
They thought he’d be more persuasive this way.
They must’ve been right,
Because I agreed to fight
And help save the day.
It helped when he told me I was born to this magic.
Then I remembered he was right and the loss had been tragic.
The knowledge had been buried deep in my mind.
For a lifetime or more I waited for a sign,
And now could reclaim what had been mine.

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