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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PAD - Day 19 & 20

Day 19 prompt: write an angry poem

I took you in when you had nothing
To give you your chance to shine
Yet now you are still covered in dust
Waiting for someone to bathe you in light
The more I help – the more you want
Still not glowing yourself
So here it must end
With more tears to be shed
As I break my heart
- to save yours

Day 20 prompt: write a poem about rebirth

Flowers blossom and birds sing,
This reminds me of so many things.
- Memories of longer days
Hearing what nature has to say.
The cold death of winter is no more.
I watch the world return to life
The greenest grass comforts the soul that is sore
And the warmth of the sun erases strife

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