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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poem A Day - days 5 & 7

Cliffs of Moher

Peering over the edge of the world,
The swirling water below
I feel smaller than a pebble
My troubles a grain of sand.
Majestically the cliffs have stood for centuries
As the tide has ebbed and flowed.
Even at the calmest moments,
As the sun brightly shines
The wind whirls around them causing visitors to shiver
Giving an understanding of how they formed.

Prompt: Landmark,guid,19d56087-4047-4589-b39b-995e90466679.aspx

The prompt for Day 7 was clean or dirty (pick one) I chose both since mine were kind of lame

Cheerful and sparkling
Like new fallen snow,
Except when you have a dog, but that’s another poem.
All the scrubbing
Nicely pays off.

Disgusting and
Icky are used to describe things that
Really need a good scrubbing.
Trust me the cost of soap is worth it, since
You don’t want someone looking at your things and saying Yucky!


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