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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PAD day 11 & 12

Day ll prompt: an object

The notebook is small and wire bound.
When I open it there’s a weird sound.
Its cover is a peaceful green,
With letters P, A and D
And the numbers 2009.
Most know nothing of what it means
And that’s just fine with me,
Since the poems are only mine.
Not the best of my work,
So if someone read them I’d feel like a jerk.

Day 12 prompt So we decided to (blank)

So we decided to invite other classes

Two decades ago we crossed the stage.
And our lives began a whole new page.
We slowly lost touch and went our own ways.
Then some of us began to wonder
How old friends now spend there days.
Time to plan a reunion for friends far and wide,
But then we remembered what happened last time.
Our class was small,
We could never fill a hall.
And we had friends who came before and after, all
Who we wanted to see.
That’s how the idea came to be.

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