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Friday, May 31, 2013

Carefree Crafts - May 2013

Carefree Crafts is target at kids 3-7. They send five craft kits each month that are tied together with a theme. This months theme was Mother's Day. My daughter had a great time making gifts for the grandmas! Unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of the completed projects before they went away  as gifts.

This first kit turned into the cutest card. The flowers and vase are a thin foam board. The green behind it is the card stock. There was also a poem to include with the card. The delivery also came with a small tube of glue. The only drawback is that when D finished, it didn't fit in the envelope it came with.

This was the other grandma gift. It came with little foam squares in three colors that had an adhesive back. D didn't quite have the patience for removing the backing but had definite opinions about where the squares went.
This was a little hard to photograph in the package. It's a dry erase memo board on a foam back. The glue dots held the flower pieces in place. Some glue held the flowers and letters on the board and a magnet was included for the back. The adhesive on the magnet was no match for D so a little extra glue was needed.

I was lucky enough to keep this flower pot for myself. There were three inserts to choose from. The markers were used to color it and then put it in the plastic pot. Very cute. It says "I love you mom!"

The last two kits we haven't had a chance to make yet. But the first is a bracelet with beads and yarn. The other is an all about my mom card that has questions for the child to answer about their mom. Then they can draw and color a picture of mom!

I really love this subscription. I think I have as much fun, if not more than my daughter does when we make these crafts. For the most part they are super easy clean up and self contained. For $14.95 a month I think this is a great deal.

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