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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Green Kid Crafts - April 2013

I love the idea of Green Craft Kids! Crafts with materials that are eco-friendly. What's not to like? Except I think I chose the wrong month to give it a try. I did have a discount code so I didn't pay the full $19.95 price and the materials are good quality. However April is still mostly inside weather and I received an email that that months crafts were going to be messier than usual. Well thanks for the warning at least. It was also the first month that extra materials were going to be needed for the crafts. Again, at least they thought to send a warning email. On to the contents!

The first kit was the earth artwork display. It included twine, mini clothespins and thumbtacks for hanging as well as water color paints, paper and a brush. My little one LOVED this craft and the fact that she could display them in her room afterwards.

The plantable seed paper kit needs extra scrap paper and a container but it came with the screen and seeds to create the paper. This one is definitely a little tough for a 3 year old, but older kids will probably get a kick out of it.

Paper mache globe - This is a really cute idea. The kit comes with the balloon, blue and green tissue paper and glue. I was relieved to see glue so I could stop the flashbacks to high school spanish class and the flour "paste." The only problem I have is that someone needs to draw the land masses of earth onto the balloon. In a house full of people who are drawing challenged this might be a problem. It's also why the supplies are still residing in the bag they came in. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe we could just use blue and make it a Moon globe... :-)

Bonus! This being our first delivery, they sent along a pair of kid safe scissors. Yeah! The ones we have are fused together for some reason and I hadn't gotten to buy another pair.

Overall some great craft ideas, but since my daughter is on the young end of the age spectrum I think this box was a little advanced for her. I wish we had gotten the March box which was musical instruments. This would have been more appropriate for our house hold. I'll may try this one again in a few months.

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