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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cravebox - Cooking Light Fast Meals

This Cravebox theme was Cooking Light Fast Meals. I'm not sure how much the contents follow that theme but they are good items.

I love Pop Chips but I've never tried the tortilla chips. These have a salsa flavor to them that's not super spicy and is very tasty! They got a little beat up in the box en route but enough big pieces that I could enjoy them. These were gone minutes after the bag was open.

We can never have to much tea in our house! This is a great sampler. Most of the flavors are fruity but there is a licorice flavor that's also included. My husband loves licorice and I... don't. So we would probably not buy a whole box of just that flavor. But he loved it! We've both enjoyed the other flavors in this box.

Probably the only thing that really applies to the theme of quick meals. The Zone Perfect bars were delicious! They are perfect for those "mini meals" between breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are filling and took care of my peanut butter craving. The Newtons were less a meal and more a treat. But the package falls in the right calorie range (about 120) for a treat that's not to much of a splurge.

We don't add sweeteners to much in our house so these will last a while. Thanks to subscription boxes we could hold a test panel of artificial sweeteners at our house. Add to the two pictured, Coconut crystals, honey crystals and monk fruit derived sweetener!
Recipes for both sweeteners were included! Some of them look really yummy!

I suppose if you had a recipe that was quick these spices would be a nice addition. But none were included :-( I love the McCormick salt free spice blends. We've tried a few others and they are delicious. I have figured out what I'll use the Moroccan Seasoning for since it has cumin in it and my husband is allergic. Hmm...

Also included was two coupons for the new Brown Rice Triscuits. As soon as I can find them I'll try that out. They also included a few other coupons for various healthy items.

Again, not a bad box, I just don't know that it really fits the "Fast Meals" part of the theme. I've got to learn to take the Cravebox themes with a grain of salt.

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