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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Carefree Crafts April 2013

Things have been crazy in the off line world so I'm pretty behind in my box reviews. But I wanted to get this one out because I love this subscription! I heard about Carefree Crafts while poking around the internet reading about subscription boxes. For April they were running a special where for about three bucks you could try the April box (or envelope in this case.) The crafts are recommended for ages 3-7 and the regular cost is $14.95 including shipping. Right now SAVE60 will get you the first month for $5.95. The best part is that these are all inclusive. Each craft is bagged separately and everything you need is in the bag. 

Here's the sheet of all the crafts that are included. This is perfect because I can show D the sheet and she can pick which one she wants to make. Sorry for the photo quality on some of these. I didn't have my own camera at the time so the color is a little "off" on some of these.

 This was the first craft D wanted to do. You can see the pieces of the umbrella and the bag contains flowers that have an adhesive backing. Also included was glue dots. I love glue dots, especially when crafting with a toddler!

We waited until we could go outside to do this one. It's packets of colored sand and the card has sections that peel off to reveal adhesive. I remember stuff like this from when I was a kid! The adhesive worked really well and the sand didn't blow to much.

These are the materials for the birds nest "picture." It might be hard to tell but the paper plate is sky blue and the strips of paper you see are for the nest. Also included were foam leaves, branches and birds with adhesive backs. Only the tips of the leaves had the adhesive so we may need to go back with some glue on those but everything else worked perfectly. The marker looking item is more than enough glue for the paper strip nest.

These are the materials for the bug jar. Apparently there were was also a lady bug option but we got the bee version. What you can't see is that the lid has little holes in it and the foam bee body has holes that match so it really could be used as an actually bug jar. Oh, but it is plastic so no fear of D falling with glass!

Last but not least are the materials for the flower bouquet. This mad five very colorful flowers! Pipe cleaners for stems the large flower piece and the leaves are pre sllit for putting on the pipe cleaners. The flower centers are self adhesive.

For those of you familiar with Oriental Trading, many of these crafts will look familiar. The only downside to OT is that when you buy the kits they come in large quantities. Most of the kids I know will make something once and then want to move on. So the rest of the kits go to waste or need to be stored. This subscription offers simple kits like that but with the variety and extra supplies included. And no, not all items are from Oriental Trading. I can't speak for older kids but my 3 year old loved all of these! I'll try to do a follow up with completed pictures.

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