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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Seasons box - April 2013

I'm still really happy with Seasons Box! The inclusion of the makeup brush worries me a little but since it can be used for BBs or tinted moisturizer I'm willing to go with the flow. This box has been a great lifestyle box.

These Honibe honey drops are so cool! I don't use much honey (I like my tea as is) but I keep it in the house for a variety of reasons. I always feel bad when my mom or sister ask for honey in there tea and we have to essentially melt the honey I have. No longer! These drops are about a teaspoon of honey and they are individually wrapped and go right in the hot beverage. They take a few minutes to melt but taste just like honey out of the bottle.

Crawford Street Lemon Deodorant Cream is the first product like this I've tried. I was a little put off by a deodorant cream but gave it a try and I'm so glad I did! It works really well but washes off my fingers quickly.

Ecotools makes a wide variety of earth friendly makeup tools. Fortunately I received this foam applicator which works really nice with the beauty balm I'm currently using in the morning. Hopefully Seasons box won't focus on make up items to much in the future. I don't wear much so I avoid those boxes.

This scarf is from the Connected in Hope program that has a goal of empowering women in Ethiopia. The scarf is supposed to be a "spring scarf" but it's a pretty solid material and I think it would work just fine for those normal (not below zero) winter days. Mine is a very pretty light blue that is prettier than the picture conveys.

Overall another great box!

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