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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stunner of the Month - May 2013

I found a deal for Stunner of the Month and I have an amazing ability to go through sunglasses like water so it seemed like a perfect match! Each month they choose a pair of sunglasses for you from the category you selected (men, women or unisex.) I chose unisex because I didn't want anything to girly. The regular price is $9 a month including shipping. Not bad for a pair of sunglasses.

For free shipping expected a padded envelope but was pleasantly surprised when I saw this in my mailbox.

They included a key chain holder with mini screwdrivers for sunglasses maintenance. And the glasses were in a cloth draw string bag that protects them well in my purse.

And here's the sunglasses! These are from the unisex collection. I'm not sure how many men would wear them but I think they suit me fine. Almost a month and they are still intact!

I think even at the full $9 price these would be a pretty good buy.

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