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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crave Box - Big Game Party Box

I still have mixed feelings about all the changes Cravebox has made to their service lately but the last couple boxes were pretty good. This latest was sponsored by Zatarain's and was called their "Big Game Cravebox." I realize that the Superbowl is in New Orleans this year but I'm not sure that this box hit it's mark as a "Big Game" box.. Don't get me wrong, I love Zatarain's Jambalaya and have for years. It's a great convenience meal. But I don't think I would serve it for a Superbowl part. Maybe if I were more into theme parties than football that would change my mind. (Actually I also love theme parties but not for football games.) 
On to the box contents! I got a free upgrade to a party size box so I got two of everything in the box, though only one is pictured.
First off was the Creole Mustard. I should mention that I don't know that much about Creole food so I can't speak to authenticity. Judging by the ingredients this is pretty much a typical brown mustard. And that's not a bad thing! The Creole seasoning is a nice blend of spices that I'm anxious to try. And no cumin! As cumin doesn't like members of this household, this is a good thing.
 I've been wanting to try the Red Beans & Rice for awhile now. I love red beans and rice! And in a box, it can't get any easier.
 Last but not least, they included the Family size of the Jambalaya Mix! An excuse to invite people over to help me eat it. :-) I've always used sausage as the mix in but I think it's time I try something else. As long as my sister isn't coming, perhaps shrimp would be a good choice. Or ham...
Overall this box was a good value since I got doubles of everything included. If I forget this was supposed to be a big game box, it's a great box of items I can't wait to try. Just not at my Superbowl party.

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