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Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Snack Service - Graze

I received an invite code to try a new (to the US) snack subscription called Graze. They've been delivering in the UK for awhile now and while the selection of snacks is a bit different in the US, the line up looks really tasty! I've been in a snack rut lately and since I switched to five meals a day, snacks are as important as regular meals. The timing on this was perfect. And my first and fifth box are free! My first box arrived last Monday. At this point they are shipping these from the UK so a week is really impressive. The boxes are $5 each (shipping included and billed from the US so no foreign fees) and include 4 portioned snacks. You can select the Light box or the Nibble box. The Nibble box has more options and includes some chocolate snacks! This subscription is weekly but you can push back a week if you sign in to the web site.
Here's my first box...
... minus the lemon slice and tea bag. I ate that as soon as I opened the box. Unfortunately that one looks like it's not available right now but I hear it will be back. $5 may seem a little high but go look at the nearest vending machine. And most of those snacks aren't that great for you. The nutrition and ingredient info is included with each shipment. Everything in my first shipment was delicious. My only real criticism is I wish it was five snacks so I had one for each work day.
The lemon slice was like a lemon poppy seed cake and the tea was delicious. I added some goat cheese to up the calorie count. Delicious. The Dark Rocky Road contains pecans, dark chocolate (about 50%) and dried cranberries. The Herby Bread Basket contains mini garlic croutons, basil bread sticks and oregano rice crackers. And last but not least the Mississippi BBQ pistachios. All were delicious. I can't wait to try more!
Sign up for this is still on a referral basis so if you are interested email me at melanie0971 at gmail dot com and I will try to get you an invite code. I can't recommend this one enough.
Happy Snacking! 

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