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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birchbox - January 2013

I'm still not sure about Birchbox. It started off really great but lately there have been more sample packets than deluxe size samples. The products are still excellent and I don't get to much make up. And of course I haven't seen any other subscription box with the ability to get points that equal cash just for reviewing what they send you.
$10 per month

On with the show for January!
First up Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve face cream. These were the packet type samples but each one held about 2 applications. Which is good and bad. I got 4 days use but had to get creative in propping the packet up so the remaining product in the open packet would still be there the next day. 
As for the product, I really liked the texture of this. It definitely hydrated without feeling greasy. There is a slight scent to this. It's almost like cucumber but not quite.

I was supposed to get the Lashem Serum and instead got this little mascara. I did send an email to let them know about the mix up and they are sending me the serum as well!
I don't know if it's because it's such a tiny container and brush or if it's the product but I had a tough time getting this on without clumps on my eyelashes. Not that impressed by this one. But I'm willing to admit that it felt awkward using such a tiny brush.
This Hot Mama is a pinky peach blush that's also an eye shadow. I tried it both ways and, at least for me it makes a much better eyeshadow. It's just a little to pink on my cheeks. I only applied a little bit and it was to pink for me. It didn't want to blend very well on my cheeks either. As an eye shadow it went on great!
Harvey Prince Skinny Chic came in a little sample spray bottle. I love when the samples come this way. Much less chance of spilling. They mention apple in the description and boy are they not kidding. It's appley but in a good way. Not a sickeningly sweet way. Nice crisp scent.
Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo Warning, when they say this stuff is concentrated BELIEVE THEM. Who reads directions on shampoo bottles? Not me. So I poured out the usual amount and it seemed a bit sticky. Which was weird. Uh-oh is this shampoo? Yep, that's what the bottle says. Emulsify in your hands? huh. Ok let's try that. Holy cow! It doubled in mass! So I'll definitely get multiple washes out of the rest of the bottle. Lesson Learned. LOL And not much scent to it either. Yeah!

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