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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pop Sugar Must Have Box - February 2013

Pop Sugars Must Have Box is like getting a present from a friend each month. They are usually things I wouldn't purchase for myself but things I enjoy once I have them. And isn't that the point of a subscription box?
I just couldn't get a good picture of the first item. This was the "big" item this month and also the big controversy on the boards. It's a spa cover up. Reminiscent of those towels with velcro at the top but a much nicer and softer material. Apparently the problem was that a percentage of PopSugar subscribers didn't fit into Brokedown's image of "one size fits all." Fortunately it fits me ok. I'm not going to wear it in public but it covers the essentials. And actually around my waste will make a great swim suite cover! 

 The Sweethearts were meant to be cute. But I hate these things but I was able to give them away. I've never photographed underwear before. But that's what the Hanky Panky label is covering. This was also an issue for some because they are sized as One Size but we all know that doesn't really mean fits all. I don't think I would have bought these on their own but I like these. Still debating if I'll use the coupon to get more.

This stuff is awesome! And whoever thought up the design to fit the little toothbrush like thing on the bottle is a genius. I cleaned a ring for my sis that she claimed was never cleaned :-) It actually shined with very little effort.
 I've been saying I should read a Nicholas Sparks book. I guess this one is the one I'll read.

 The hit of the box in my house was these chocolate covered cacao nibs. Yum! My daughter loves the pretty box and all three of us (yes she is already a dark chocolate lover) love the little chocolate pieces inside. A nice little burst of chocolate and you only need to eat a couple to satisfy a craving for chocolate.

I for one was happy with this box. And can't wait for March!

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