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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Conscious Box - February 2013

I scored a deal for 3 months of Conscious Box. (Normally $19.95 a month.) Since I'd been wanting to try this one out I figured this was a great way to try it out. My only regret so far is that now I want to figure out a way to keep getting this one.
This was the first box I received. I waited to do this review because some of my items were damaged in shipping (or more accurately bathed in laundry soap.) I have to say Conscious Box customer service was amazing about this. It took a few days for them to get back to me but the promised to replace the items that were unusable. Instead I got a whole new box! If you are looking to put more eco-friendly items into use, this is a great discovery box. Most of the items are the larger "deluxe" sample sizes.

 1 package of Country Choice Organics Instant Oatmeal in Cranberry apple. I didn't get to try this flavor as this was one of the items that got soaped. The Maple I did try was delicious! The Pride Green garbage bags are awesome. I put this in with our regular bags and then asked my husband after he took out the garbage what he thought of it. He was surprised that it was biodegradable. It actually held up better than our "regular" bags. The Amazing Grass Kidz SuperFood Wild Berry was another item that was soaped. I haven't had a chance to try the replacement.
 Two amazing products. The Safonique Laundry soap is a great product and my husband has had no allergic reaction to it. (Unlike many other laundry detergents - natural and otherwise.) It has a light lavender scent but the clothes do not. I had been wanting to try something from the Honest Company but just can't afford another subscription right now. This company was founded by actress (and mother of two) Jessica Alba. If the hand soap is any indicator they have great quality stuff. My only criticism is the sample only had the twist cap and no cover over the bottle. For shipping that can be a problem as this box proved. Perhaps the full size items are sealed better.

 The chocolate gets its own picture! This is really yummy. At 85% it is my max cacao preference but this is good because I won't eat the whole bar. One square satisfies the chocolate craving.

The coconut oil is interesting. It's a single serving package that feels almost solid. You have to massage the package before use to soften it. I've actually tried the Sahale snacks thanks to my mom who buys them every time she is in Chicago. These are as delicious as the others I've tried. The Swipes are basically a wet wipe but for more intimate areas. Honestly they remind me of the diaper wipes we have for my daughter. They are unscented. I haven't had a chance to try the Natural Vitality Natural Calm yet. It is a magnesium supplement. Recently I learned that some who have heart palpitations (PVCs in my case) are low in magnesium, now I'm really interested in this product.

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