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Sunday, September 8, 2013

PopSugar Must Have - August 2013

I still get excited about PopSugar every month. Even the months that had some things I wasn't able to use, there was at least a couple things to be excited about. It's a nice variety.
I've thought about trying Nature Box so this was nice to find in the box. The apples are pretty good. No added sugar so they are only the slightest bit sweet.

Dermalogica pre cleanse and cleansing gel - I'm curious to try these but I'm using up my current face cleanser first. The pre cleanse really just seems like a make up remover. Not that that's a bad thing. 
May designs weekly agenda - best thing about this is no dates. If I skip a week I can still just use the next week. It's got lots of space to write in. 
Lulah body wash in peony - I was relieved when I opened this. Despite the fact that it's called peony, the scent is not overwhelmingly floral. It's a pretty light scent. 
Bentgo lunch carrier - I can't just call it a lunch box because it's cooler than that. So cool that I traded for another for my husband. And they are dishwasher safe! I've been drooling over bento recipes to get the best use of this. It also has its own utensils.
This is the Gorjana & Griffin necklace that was the special anniversary gift. I don't know that the box would have been complete without it do I haven't set it apart here. It is a very pretty necklace but more delicate than the teaser pictures looked. 
Lunares apple bowl. It's food safe. And a good thing to since my 3 year old has claimed it as her own. It fits the right amount of dried Os.

I'll use everything so this box is a big success for me!

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