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Monday, September 9, 2013

Goodies - August 2013

I love to discover new snacks so is usually a fun box for me. It only isn't when they go heavy on the coconut snacks. Fortunately August was not one of those months.

Nature Valley granola thins - peanut butter and dark chocolate, how can you go wrong? Yum! It felt like a treat but wasn't to much of a splurge. Mine was a little crumbly in the package but I think that happened in the box in shipment. I would think if you bought a box of these it wouldn't be an issue.
I love Fiber One bars so it wasn't a new product but I enjoyed it anyway! these are also very treat like. Nice and chocolatey.
Southern Pecan coffee concentrate. I don't drink coffee so I can't speak to the taste. You can add this concentrate to hot or cold water. Clever concept. I'll save it for my sister.

 Poplets - I had no idea what to think of these when I saw them. It really looks like someone took what was left in the popcorn bag after all the good stuff was eaten. Weird. But I was somewhat surprised. They were mostly crunchy but there were a couple hard kernels. I don't think I'll buy these.
Tangy Zangy in Wild berry - I like fruit candy so I'll give these a try. I like these small packages of candy because if I do like it I still won't eat to much.
Mott's Medley's - The little fruit bites are popular in this house so these were gone quickly. Very good and not to sweet.

Our August has been excessively hot so we haven't turned the oven on to make these yet. But it's Hershey's in a cookie so I'm sure they will be good. It's your typical cookie mix that you add water and butter.

A nice selection of snack size treats and one "big" item. At $7 a month this is a fun treat.

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