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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Carefree Crafts - August 2013

I realize I haven't reviewed this subscription box in a while. I think it's because it's so hard to photograph in a way that shows the real value. For the record, we LOVE Carefree Crafts at our house!! That's the other reason that it's hard for me to get pictures. If I open the bag to get pictures my 3 year old insists on doing all the crafts. I have to ration these out so they last the month!
Here's a quick picture I was able to get of all 5 projects for August. As a rule each craft is individually packaged so you know what's for what. If anything needs glue that's separate. (That's the white pen looking item with the blue cap in the picture.)


As you can probably tell, Augusts theme was Summer. I'll try to get some finished pictures when my daughter isn't looking. The beach photo was another of the sand art pictures with adhesive already under the coating. Just peel and pour! Very clever. 
These crafts are geared for kids age 3-7 and the subscription is $14.95 a month including shipping. Though right now use code  SAVE60 on the web site to get your first month for only $5.95! 

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