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Monday, November 25, 2013

Wantable Intimates - October 2013

This review is pretty late but it was my first from Wantable Intimates so I wanted to get it posted. Wantable does a makeup box and an accessories box also. The Intimates is there newest box and has been around a few months. I admit I assumed it was going to be a lingerie box. After I saw some reviews of the first couple of boxes I realized I was wrong and it was actually my kind of box. You fill out a pretty extensive survey when you sign up so if there's something you don't want you can indicate that. I stayed away from soft bras because they almost never fit me right unless they come from Decent Exposures (but that's for another post.)

So what's inside? First let me say it's very hard to photograph clothing items not on a person :-)

Argoz socks - Ok I wouldn't pay 8 dollars for a pair of socks but I love these socks! And that's saying a lot because they are pretty pink. I think the grey helps. And of course the comfy fit makes you not care what color they are.

 Cass Luxury shapewear - Shapewear is one of those things I hate going to buy but it's almost a necessity when wearing business attire. This doesn't pinch but gives a smooth look. This right here is worth the cost of the box.

Luniare bikini panties - Pretty underwear that don't feel like floss. Yeah! I know everyone is into thongs these days. But not me. These fit very nicely and have a pretty design, complete with a little flower charm on the front.

Betsey Johnson sleep shorts - I love these shorts. To bad it's WAY to cold for them already in the Chicago area. Oh well, another reason to look forward to spring. I love the fit and they will be perfect for the warmer weather.

I paid for this box but if you use my link above I can earn points for a free one! The value on this box is excellent. It may be my new favorite subscription!

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