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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Seasons Box - October 2013

I put off writing this review for a long time because I hate giving bad reviews. But I owe it to people that I have previously recommended this box. Seasons Box has been in a state of flux for a while now but I have not had any real issues until this box. My September box was delayed but I did get it on the last day of the month and I enjoyed it so no problem. Yet again I didn't receive a shipping notice and had to repeatedly email customer service to get a response. Any negative comments are being stripped from their Facebook page and when you ask about shipping they only ask you to send an email. These things make me nervous. But the item descriptions sounded like I would enjoy the box when it finally arrived. But rumors were circulating before I received my box that it was a major disappointment. Largely because a company that still proclaims on their web site to send FULL SIZE items, in fact sent out mostly samples. When my box came I took a deep breath and opened it...

I was immediately disappointed. The two main items were both samples, and not deluxe samples. Tiny samples you often get for free from companies. This is the whole box.
The one great item was the tea infuser from Tea Forte. I love the design of this infuser and it cleans out pretty easily if you dump most of the tea and then let it dry. Then just dump the rest and wash. No loose tea floating in my cup.

This is all three of the other items in the box. The Dryad Tea was delicious but hardly the amount I would expect in a box of full size items. It's about 3 cups worth of tea, and I don't drink mine very strong. The lip balm is nice and I guess this would be considered full size but... it's a lip balm. And the soap is as small as it looks in the picture. I can't use it in the shower because it would probably melt away after one shower.

Seasons box has really let me down with the October box. If we could still get straight answers from the company I might be less concerned but I just get a bad feeling about the whole situation at this point. I'm locked in until February so I'll just have to see what happens next.

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