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Saturday, April 13, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Box - March 2013

I still get excited about my PopSugar Must Have box so I keep getting it.

Ooh a variety pack of Fashion tape! I could have used this a few months ago. :-) This sample pack is the tape in various shapes and sizes. I know that I'll be able to use this at some point. Of course, now that I have it, I haven't needed it!

Many days the only make up I wear is mascara but I've never been picky about the brand. This Buxom mascara may have spoiled me. This is amazing, thank goodness it's full size!

I'm not thrilled by more nail polish. I already have more than I'll ever use. Fortunately I don't get it very often in the PopSugar box. That being said, these are great colors! I'm not sure I would use them together as packaged but individually they are really nice. The picture doesn't do them justice, it's so hard to photograph nail polish colors!

I seem to be getting lots of detergent lately in my subscription boxes. This is the first for delicates. I don't have many delicates but I'll definitely give this a try. It's got a nice mild scent to it. I'd also like to mention that it was well packaged for shipping. They had taped the cap into place and no leakage!

I've worn this necklace twice and gotten compliments both times. It's not something I would have bought for myself but I really like it. It's got a nice long chain and looks especially nice when wearing a plain shirt.

I didn't really need another corkscrew but how can you say no to this face!? It's very clever. It has a corkscrew, foil cutter and bottle opener all tucked into the body.

I've needed one of these things for years and just never got around to getting one. I don't know how long lasting this is though. It's basically a block of material similar to a nail file, but a little more serious. I had some good luck with it on a sweater I have mistreated for years. But it also crumbled a little bit on the end that was in my hand. We'll see how it holds up.
Another pretty good box from PopSugar. Useful items I didn't necessarily know I needed.

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