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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fancy Box - March 2013

I finally gave in and tried Fancy Box. It's on the pricier end so I waited for a good deal to try it. I have to say their shipping has to be the best of any subscription box I've tried so far. It reached me in 2 days! I opened my box and this is what I saw.
 I was a little disappointed because it looks like the stuff was just kind of tossed in the box. But nothing was damaged so let's move on.

 I like the fact that each item has it's own card. This really gives me the impression that they do personalize the boxes based on what you fill out when you sign up. And of course D loved the stickers!

I already had a head massager so this went to my husband. He LOVES it. It's well made and not as bendable as mine. Maybe I should have kept this one :-)

 Uh oh a T-shirt. At least that's what I first thought when I saw this. I love t-shirts but so many times items like this as give aways are those baby ts that someone of my build should not be wearing unless you are in an (ahem) old profession. But this one actually is a normal size and will fit just fine. Yeah! And it's fun, I mean come on, it's Paris!
 I'm not sure if I will keep this doodle/sketch book or gift it. It's clever but I can't draw a stick figure to save my life so it might be wasted on me. It has various prompts and then area to doodle in response to that prompt. Many are silly like designing your own trophy. Clever idea, if I could draw.

I can't wait to try out the Citrus Zinger water bottle. But I have to get some citrus first! The fruit goes in the bottom where it's like a juicer. The water goes in the top and enjoy! Looks like a great concept. And a great way to change up all the water I drink. The Music Branches are a headphone splitter made for our house, there are three outlets! Now that D gets the idea of headphones, the next time we travel she can watch the movies she wants on the ipod with sound and Mommy and Daddy can too!

Last was a $10 gift card for I'm not sure if I'll use it because a lot of the stuff is way more than $10 but I'll take a closer look.

A fun variety of stuff. I think I'll give Fancy another try. I like that you can select different categories to include in the box.

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