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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome to August!

Yes, I know, it’s a day late. But food poisoning will make you lose a day here and there (don’t worry – NO more on that later.) I’m only sorry I missed national Raspberry Cream Pie Day. I pulled up the August scrapbook template and it was completely empty! I figured what better month to start talking about fun and lesser known holidays.

August puts us right in the middle of the astrological sign Leo and the birth stone is Peridot (green in color) or Sardonyx (a form of Onyx that is red or red striped.) The August flower is gladiolus. Can you still get those at the Farmers Market? I haven’t been in a couple of weeks so I’m not sure…

So what sore of observances does August bring us? Well to continue the things available at the farmers market trend. It’s Peach Month! For a nice little background on the peach and some yummy looking recipes go to I haven’t tried any yet but the sure look good. Feel free to send me samples of your efforts. J It’s a UK site but it looks like the measurements are in both units. And feel free to eat your experiments immediately since I also saw that it’s Eat Dessert First Month! Somewhat related is that August is Family Fun Month. So get your family and have some fun. Did you really need me to tell you that?? I know kids love to help bake but as I have a toddler, she’s not quite ready for that. So I’ll solicit your suggestions! Still hungry? Well it’s also National Catfish month and you can even request a free cook book at

I saw that it’s also Admit You’re Happy Month and Romance Awareness Month. I’ll let you decide how those should be celebrated. Of course we all know August is back to school time and fittingly it’s National Eye Exam month. But even if you’re not going back to school, take care of your peepers! August 1st also marked the beginning of Ramadan. I don’t profess to know a lot about this holiday but found this

So after all that, I’ll now remind you that it’s National Simplify your Life Week. is a great help in that respect. Calendars for the family, meal planning, shopping lists synchronized with their ipod/iphone app, etc. We started using this at our home and it makes it much easier to make those “on the way” shopping stops.

So to catch up for yesterday, Happy Birthday Spiderman, Chopsticks (the song) & MTV and of course happy Lughnasadh! Today is the anniversary of the first Income Tax (1861) as well as Dinosaurs Day and National Ice Cream Sandwich day (perhaps to finish off any ice cream left from Ice Cream Month in July.)

That’s all I have time for now. I’ll finish the week later today or tomorrow!

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