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Monday, August 8, 2011

August week 2

It’s National Smile Week! And I’m told it doesn’t mean we have to go to the dentist to celebrate. So break out your biggest smile or make one Or since it’s also National Apple Week just cut the apple slices into smile shapes. J It’s also Elvis week (I’ll let you decide if that makes you smile or not.) Do something nice for your significant other since it’s National Resurrect Romance Week. Though I guess it’s not very romantic that I had to tell you…

Today (August 8th) is Dollar Day to commemorate the anniversary of the dollar. How about some money origami? It’s also Infinity Day so perhaps you can philosophize about the meaning of money.

August 9th is International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. offers an overview. It’s Smokey Bear’s birthday! So head over to his virtual home Also happy birthday to Betty Boop (1930.) It’s also Book Lovers Day (though some say it’s the first Saturday in August) either way try to find some time to curl up with a book. And don’t forget Rice Pudding day!

August 10th is International Biodiesel Day. Check out for more information on vegetable oil and animal fats. It’s also National S’mores Day. Did you really need an excuse to break out the marshmallows. A few seconds in the microwave will soften them just like a campfire (minus the charred coating.)

August 11th is Presidential Joke Day but you don’t get to make jokes about him. It’s his job to make the jokes… It’s also Play in the Sand Day. Anyone who knows me, knows I’ll pass on this one. How about a day at the pool? Who’s got one they’ll let me use?

August 12th is International Youth Day It’s also Middle Child Day, so embrace your inner Jan Brady.

August 13th is International Lefthanders day. So break out the green handle scissors (I can’t be the only one who remembers in grade school the lefty scissors had the green rubber handle…) It’s also Annie Oakley Day but please don’t celebrate these 2 together unless you are left handed. J And fire up the grill for Filet Mignon Day.

August 14th is World Lizard Day! Be nice to an iguana! it’s also National Creamsicle Day but don’t feed one to a lizard.

Happy Holidays and have a great week!

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