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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy August part 2!

Happy Wednesday! And also Happy Watermelon Day. Not sure how to celebrate it? Try this site Check out the “Carvings & Entertainment” section for some really creative stuff. And I can’t resist pointing out that it’s Grab Some Nuts Day. Check out for ideas on how to get more of these healthy fats in your diet. What did you think I meant?? J I love all these food holidays!

On this date in 1492 Christopher Columbus began a certain famous or infamous voyage and in 1949 The National Basketball Association was formed. No there’s no relation between those two items… I don’t think. And as the mother of a toddler I feel obligated to mention it’s Prairie Dawn’s birthday. Yes, from Sesame Street. Convenient that just a few weeks ago I had no idea who she was.

August 4

It’s U.S. Coast Guard Day! More information can be found here Or just be nice to a Coast Guard member. It’s also National Backgammon Day so here’s your excuse to pull out the old board game! Back to food, it’s Chocolate Chip day! Be happy you don’t have to chop the chocolate anymore and make some cookies! And the perfect accompaniment, Champagne Day! Supposedly it was on August 4th 1693 that Dom Perignon invented champagne. If you want something more substantial (but not healthy) you can celebrate the birthday of Kentucky Fried Chicken (not to be confused with the Colonel’s birthday.)

Don’t forget to wish President Obama a happy big 5-0!

August 5

It’s Work Like A Dog Day. I know plenty of dogs, and I’m not sure this should mean what most people think it does. J You can decide if this is related but it’s also National Underwear Day!

It’s Neal Armstrong’s birthday today. Take a moment to think about all the things our manned space missions have accomplished. It’s also the anniversary of the 1st Major League broadcast in 1921. For those of you wondering, it was the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Philadelphia Phillies – the Pirates won.

August 6

Contrary to the school calendars, it’s the half way point of summer! Do you really need any other reason to celebrate?? Ok It’s also National Fresh Breath Day, so have something minty. Does mint chocolate count? You decide. The first Saturday in August is National Mustard Day but you probably don’t want to mix those two.

That’s all for now! Have a great week.

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