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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Door to Door Organics Review and Contest

While I am usually a paying subscriber Door to Door Organics offered me a gift certificate to cover my box and some shop items in exchange for a review. The opinions are my own. 

I have been a paying subscriber to Door to Door Organics for about two years. I can't say enough good things about this subscription. You can choose Weekly or Bi-Weekly as well as the size of the box. Boxes can be fruit, veggies, or mixed and are sized are priced as follows:

Bitty $26.99
Small $33.99
Medium $38.66

Large $55.66

All local boxes are available for a slightly higher price. Delivery is included. They choose produce and send me an email on Friday for Wednesday delivery. I have until Tuesday at noon to make any substitutions. I've also created a list of produce to never include.

This review is for the Bitty Mixed box with some extras purchased from the shop. You must have a box order before you can order from the shop but you can just get the box as well. 

 This is the Bitty Box contents. A pomegranite, Organic Girl Spinach, 2 pears, 2 bananas, 1 lb. of potatoes, a cucumber and 2 apples. Along with the packing slip listing the contents of the box. As you can see the produce is of excellent quality. There have only been two occasions that I received something in less than excellent condition. Both times my account was credited for the item.

More recently Door to Door has expanded their shop of natural and organic items to include a wider range of grocery type items. I have previously bought a few items from the shop but took a much closer look to share with all of you.
The shop is broken down in to sections: Produce, Meat & Fish, Dairy, Bakery, Meals & Deli, Beverages, Pantry and Restock (this last section will show you items you have previously ordered).
For the most part the sections are pretty self explanatory. I did have a few minor difficulties navigating the store. Frozen entrees were a little tricky to find. They didn't appear under meals nor deli. I actually found them by accident. You can always search for something if you know the name of the item. Fizzy drinks were also not with the bottled drinks where I expected them to be. I ended up searching for Izze by name.

 As to the items that I chose...
 Half Time $4.69 I like to think of this as an organic version of the deli lunch packages various companies have. Much tastier choice!
 Izze $1.19 I thought this was a good choice because these are available in a number of other stores. The price is comparable to here and they are delivered to my door. This sparkling juice was delicious as it is when I buy it elsewhere.

Local radishes 2.99 These were an add on but I may have taken a picture of them solo anyway. I don't think I've ever seen a prettier radish. Oh and they taste as good as they look.

Spinach & Roasted Garlic Crackers $3.99 and Mindoro Gorgonzola $4.99 (8 oz.) Anyone who knows me won't be surprised when I say these crackers needed more garlic. When something says garlic I REALLY want to taste garlic. This was a mild flavor. Spinach is listed first and it's definitely the dominant flavor. Fortunately I really like spinach and therefore these crackers. I can't say enough good things about this Gorgonzola cheese! I wonderful flavor and a comparable price to artisan cheeses at grocery stores that carry them.

Chorizo $5.99 It's really hard to make frozen meat look good in a picture. You'll have to trust me when I say it looks great! This was packaged separately with the other frozen items below and packaged with ice packs to keep it cold.

Quinoa burgers $5.99 and Spinach and Roasted Tomato Frozen Egg White Frittata $4.49 I can't decide which of these I liked better! Great veggie burger taste with the extra protein of quinoa, excellent! the best part might be that they actually recommend a few cycles in the toaster over microwaving. Now that's convenience. The Frittata stood in for breakfast for me one morning with a piece of fruit. I could equally taste the spinach and the roasted tomato. The egg whites were fluffy. I'll be getting this again.

There was one more item that I ordered that I was really hoping to get but alas they ran out. It was the Chai sample for $ .35 for 2 ounces. Yes door to door had a drink that was packaged TSA friendly! :-) They did include the note below and I was not charged the amount of the chai. Oh well, maybe next time.

While many of the store items may be available at other stores, you can't beat the convenience of door step delivery. And at comparable prices. And the produce is some of the best I've seen. Everything is well packaged and reasonably protected. In addition, I leave a cooler out to protect the items in hot and cold months.

As I mentioned above, Door to Door has given me the chance to give one lucky reader a $50 gift card to use on a subscription and store items. Enter by emailing me at this link or at southsubmom at gmail dot com with subject Door to Door by October 31st. Good Luck!

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