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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thursday, July 5th
The big destination! The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum was the main reason for this trip. It's one of those things that's been on the list since it opened and one thing led to another and we still hadn't seen it years after the opening. I found out after our visit that they are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Morrill Land Grant Act and are offering a $5 discount to graduates of all US colleges and universities. Check the web site for details. Also note that while the web site says lockers are available for free, they are now 25 cents. The Museum was worth the trip. The 2 presentations were both very well done. While D didn't want to sit through the Ghosts of the Library presentation, I was able to catch it and Kevin caught a later showing. I'm a history geek and I love to research. This show was the first time I've heard put in to words the feeling I have while doing research. The Holavision is an amazing tool for a live performance! I won't spoil it by describing it here. Just go see it!  
The "Lincoln's Eyes" show comes with a warning that some loud noises may not be for all viewers. Wouldn't you know, this is the one D sat through. The first loud rumble got her attention and she sat still for the rest of the show! It uses 3 screens and is another well done show. 
The exhibits at the museum are also well done. The obvious highlights are the two "Journeys." Journey One has a facade of a log cabin and follows Abe's trip from boyhood to the White House. Journey Two is the White House years.
And of course I can't forget Mrs. Lincoln's Attic. D went straight for the Lincoln Logs but there were many other "Lincoln era" toys. There was also a dress up area and a play kitchen. We could easily have spent the day here.
Lunch at Garden of Eat'n I had a really yummy BLT half wrap that was actually plenty for me for lunch. I ended up saving the half Greek salad for later in the afternoon. Delicious dressing. They had a a grilled cheese sandwich for D and her daddy was very happy with his big ol' salad as well. We didn't get back for dinner but apparently the menu changes to kabobs and Persian inspired food. If it's as good as lunch was I'm sorry we missed it.
Dinner at Obed and Isaac's. This microbrewery & restaurant has only been open since February but had a decent crowd for a steamy week night. The turkey burger with goat cheese was amazing. Even better was the side of potato salad that I asked for in place of fries. It's definitely home made. The only one I've ever had better is my mom's! The building has a great history too! It was originally a house built in the early 1800's and has been a judges quarters and a funeral home/crematorium.

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