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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All Mixed Up and Lots of Places to Go!

The month of sick is almost officially over! No one in the house has taken an antibiotic in almost a week and we can all mostly breath again. Though allergies have made their presence known super early this year. So let's get back to blogging! This blog has become a bit of a catch all for my interests. I tried dividing up the blogs but that just gets to crazy. So perhaps I'll devote different days to different types of posts. Maybe Family Friday for all my genealogy adventures... And I love holidays so those I may save for Mondays. Then there's crafting... And D may need her own day with all the activity an almost 2 year old has!

Speaking of genealogy... 6 DAYS UNTIL 1940!!! Count down with me. More genealogy to come...

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